A conflicting report on Party Pooper, the young woman who went straight for the open bar at the recent Fox upfront party with disastrous results — we had previously been assured that she wasn't fired for her night of hard drinking:

The girl in question was a Mediaedge employee, but she's been fired due to her unfortunate "accident".

Also, the shit-faced staffer (sorry, couldn't resist) apparently chose a white leather couch to sit down upon as she did her dirty business, and said couch has since been (thankfully) thrown out by The Boathouse.

And from another source:

Story is it was her first week, just out of school, first job, yada yada yada. I've been to many media events and know that getting stinking drunk is so not a big deal. Neither is hurting youself when you've gotten stinking drunk. However, crapping yourself at the same time as getting stinking drunk and hurting yourself is pretty much the triple play that will ruin you for the rest of your life. Good thing she can get married and change her last name later.

Aww. Now that we've seen her adorable picture, we're convinced: you're the kind of girl we like to drink with! Shit, we'll probably hire you.