The Story of Poopy Pants elicited lots of reader mail — not all of it friendly. In fact, this might be one of the best pieces of hate mail we've ever gotten. There's definitely a job in our offices for its writer whenever she wants.

Dear Gawker, Whoever you are—you are terrible, terrible human beings. Ignoble cowards, that's what you are for drawing attention and deriving pleasure from the misfortunes of this so unfortunate advertising executive. How do you live with yourselves? What kind hideous deformities, insecurities, or deficiencies were you stricken with that have led you to make a career out making other people's lives miserable? Do you have chronic bad breath, Chron's Disease, a small penis? Did your parents not love you? I'm serious: what turns a person into a fucking shit licking snarky swill merchant? The bottom line is that you should be ashamed of yourselves for mocking this poor girl. Hasn't she been through enough? Hasn't she been humiliated enough? You should pray that nothing further happens to her. Mock me all you want, you pig fuckers, but deep down you know I'm right. You owe this girl an apology. Sleep well, ass holes, [NAME REDACTED]