Like Erin O'Brien, the CAA assistant who was fired after her gushy "I work in Hollywood!" story circulated throughout the western world, the story of Ms. Poopy Pants couldn't have spread so far without eager emailers who were willing to spread it.

Now, given that the original email regarding Ms. Poopy Pants was written on someone's company time and from a company email, others have elected to inform that writer's employers. So busted. The report after the jump.
[UPDATE: Ah, the revenge is for naught. The poop-spreader quit his job this week.]

I considered writing you a hateful email lambasting your repetitive spewing of disgusting gossip regarding that poor account executive. However, I realized I had no control over gossip spreading, and calling you out in an email wouldn't do much good. So, I began to think about other things. I started thinking about how this poor girl lost her job and has had her name besmirched among colleagues, friends, former classmates, fellow alumni and, well, the list goes on. One could contend that this was all of her doing, should have been more responsible, etc. However, what about that douche bag [NAME REDACTED] that felt it necessary to name her by name and blast the story to his friends (and some friends of hers), who then sent it to their friends, and on and on? Well, I thought, 'Hey, what does [NAME REDACTED]'s boss think that he's doing at 2:48 pm on a work day?' And, 'Don't companies usually have some kind of rules regarding the use of corporate email accounts?' Well, I don't know the answer to the first part, but bosses being the idiots that they are, they probably assumed he was doing work. In actuality, he was writing that email from his corporate account. Wouldn't it be funny if the bosses knew what he was doing? I guess we'll find out soon enough because his email was forwarded to the board of directors at [WORKPLACE REDACTED], his place of employment, along with a recommendation that he be dealt in an appropriate fashion. Oh, and follow up calls were made, just to ensure everything was received. (I think I woke up the chick from the legal department.)