· The four-months-after-they-were-formed-were-signed-by-Sub-Pop wunderkinds, The Thermals, will blow your mind tonight at North Six.
· So, all your friends are out of town? Don't sweat it! Now, no one will ever have to know about "the night when you flashed your titties and dry-humped the bouncer at the Courtney Love look-alike contest" at Now Bar.
And while you're at it, why don't you also keep "the night you faked an orgasm in front of total strangers at Porno Karaoke night" under wraps too...
· For all the tackily dressed, oversexed cokeheads that missed the 5:45 express out to the Hamptons tonight, fret you not: the Loser s Lounge Tribute to Prince opens today.

·Calling all sk8erbois! Head to the Bowery Poetry Club for the Life and Limb: Skateboarders Write from the Deep End release party. C u l8er!
· Board the ol' W train to Coney Island and pay homage to the freaks and geeks in Jeff Krulik's documentary Traveling Sideshow: Shocked and Amazed as part of the Coney Island Saturday Night Film Series.
· Celebrate the end of Bike Month NYC by cycling all 13 of the city's bike-accesible bridges on this mama of all bike tours, the Bridges of New York ride.

· Check out Danger Mouse, the brains and balls behind the now legendary mash-up The Gray Album tonight at the Bowery Ballroom.
· Miluakee is totally the new Long Island City. So pack your bags and head to Galapagos for WUWM (What's Up With Milwaukee), an evening of films and videos by Miluakee-based artists.
· Take part in theGesture Jam, an open-drawing session at OfficeOps, where naked models assume naked various naked positions naked. Did we mention they were naked?

[Note: one of our interns who "researched" this item would like to ask if anyone has an "eight page essay on Shakespeare s gender construction of Lady Macbeth" handy. Lazy stoner. You can send it to]