We harsh on NYT Boldface Names columnist Joyce Wadler pretty much every Thursday when her column appears. Most weeks, she makes us crazy.

But, as happens around these parts with eccentric women (cf chat show host Tina Brown, Vogue editor Anna Wintour), the tide has (temporarily) turned. You can't read today's Observer profile of Joyce without sort of falling in love with her. Is it the leopard-print umbrella, or her men's shoes? That NY Post gossip columnist Liz Smith hates her? The fact that she bought a fur with money from her cancer book? More likely: that she worked at Screw for two weeks?

Joyce is kind of cool like the NYT's Manhattan Diary in the Metro section was cool, back when it only mentioned pleasant if inexplicable exchanges with witty old women on the crosstown bus. (Now it features women recognizing each other from the offices of their plastic surgeons. Oy.) She's cool like crackpot New Yorker receptionist turned Talk of the Town writer and office sleep-around Alison Rose is cool.

She's also kind of cool because we suspect this Observer profile was assigned as a hatchet job (aren't they all???), and along the way it turned into a lovefest.

Undoubtedly we'll turn on Joyce again in about two weeks, when she goes to a premiere or crappy PR party and refuses to name any of the attendees at all, and doesn't even report what anyone said. That'll piss us off again, but just for today, we're down with Joyce.
The Public Life of Joyce Wadler [NYO]