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[picture by Tod Seelie, via Tale of Two Cities.]
We've finally sussing out the story about the opening of The Delancey, the new LES "hotspot" at Delancey and Clinton. Apparently it was a ludicrous disaster. Well, clubgoers were warned: the opening was sponsored by Vice, after all.

Last week, Ian, from the blog Ebway, showed up at the Delancey at 12:30, and found it empty. Last Friday, he reported: "A bouncer stood outside the front door and explained that there'd been a 'major incident.' Was a trucker hat wearer mocked for his pass style? Did someone say 'Williamsburg is so gay'?"

Actually, according to an anonymous commenter on the blog Tale of Two Cities, bouncers "were dragging people out in headlocks, crowd got pissed, somebody lit off firecrackers in retaliation, they physically threw more people out (as in dragging them out and throwing them to the ground), and as a result it has since been pretty empty most nights since then."
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