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Towleroad gets a report from the set of gay cowboy flick Brokeback Mountain. They've finally shot the scene where the characters played by Heath Ledger and dreamy-eyed boat of eye-dreams Jake Gyllenhaal kiss. Says their spy, "the boys were a bit nervous at first, but eventually got into it and turned in a great scene." Maybe too great? Studio execs and director Ang Lee are wringing their hands over how graphic to get in the depiction of hott cowboy love, and may panic in the cutting room. To wit, Towleroad prints an excerpt from the script, where things get significantly more chaps-and-spurs:


Both are warm inside JACK'S bedroll.

JACK is wide awake now. ENNIS, on his back is half-asleep.

JACK, tentative, takes one of ENNIS'S big hands from outside the bedroll
and guides it inside, down toward his own groin.

ENNIS, coming full awake, realizes where his hand is... jerks it away as
if he's touched fire.

Raises up, gets to his knees, unbuckles his belt, shoves his pants down
with one hand, uses the other to haul JACK up on all fours.

JACK doesn't resist.

ENNIS spits in the palm of his hand, puts it on himself.

They go at it in silence, except for a few sharp intakes of breath.

ENNIS shudders.