Know Your Celebrity House-Husbands: Chris Backus, Mr. Mira Sorvino

Now that Mira Sorvino is through playing Pin the Wedding Band on the Cheesecake Factory-type waiter/struggling actor, it's time to get to know her new hubby. He's a graduate of Shawnee Mission East high school (senior picture at left) in an affluent Kansas City suburb. According to a source who attended the school while Backus was there, he was "one out of ten or fifteen in a class of 450" to skip on the college experience. But no worries, spurring academia didn't slow him down with the women of Hollywood.

His proud mama once crowed to the Kansas City Star about his starlet-banging cred, "“I can tell you this, Britney Spears picked him up. Carmen Electra took him out." This must be true love, as Mira embraced him despite the 14-year age difference and the vague taint of celebrity skank on his breath.

And now, of course, Backus is Mr. Mira Sorvino. Our initial suspicion that the wedding had the whiff of a knocking-up may have been spot-on, as we hear that the wedding was originally scheduled for September, then was moved up to July, and finally landed on the June 11th, Santa Barbara courthouse date that the AP reported. A spy tells us that a lavish ceremony on Capri, sponsored by Sorvino friend Giorgio Armani, may still be in the offing. We'll see if he designs her a wedding dress with a little extra room in the midsection.


Welcome to the big time of Celebrity House-Husbands, Chris! We're sure an E! crew will drop by any minute.