1. Arianna Huffington, The Nation's media columnist/Dennis-Miller-hater Eric Alterman, and the ultimate corrupter of young minds, Columbia Journalism dean Nicholas Lemann will simply tell you why Fox is bad, but the subsequent world premiere of Robert Greenwald s Outfoxed (the poor man's Michael Moore's poor man's Fahrenheit 9/11) beats you over the head. Discussion at 5, movie at 6:30, Murdoch s beat everyone with tire irons at 8:00.
2. Famed writer and PBS host Bill Moyers gives himself a giant pat on the back by reading from his modestly-titled new book, "Moyers on America: A Journalist and His Times." Tonight, 6:00pm at Coliseum Books.
3. Attention all alcoholic fashionistas: Link Restaurant is having a 15-designer sample sale today from 2-7, complete with drink specials. For those of you who are skipping out on work to attend this celebration of orgiastic hedonism, we ll see you in hell, bitches.