1. Following the indie music scene makes our heads hurt, which is why we keep a steady flow of Britney and Lil Jon on rotation here at Gawker HQ. The kids at Paper mag like to pretend they have their ears to the street, however, and would shuffle you off to see Elephant, VHS or Beta, and Tarantula tonight at Bowery Ballroom.
2. What do you get when you have Rick Moody doing spoken word and Richard Pinhas performing with Jerome Schmidt (described as a mix of "frippertronics mixed with harshtronics and electronica laptop"), together on stage in an homage to Hubert Selby? Who the fuck knows, but we are curious (yellow). Tonight at Tonic, 8pm.
3. Target arrives tonight! Sandra Bernhard and DJ Paul Sevigny hold it down between 8-11 while you rummage around for Isaac Mizrahi s Black Pinstripe collection, a new i-Pod, and a portable air compressor, all in one place. Sadly, that place is Brooklyn! Doh!