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We knew that there were sure to be some truly insidious side-effects to VH1's insistence on prematurely celebrating the 90s. Send your guesses as to the identity of the mystery "Early '90s Emmy-winning boy band" to, and help get a handful of harmonizing, synchronized-dancing goldbrickers off of LA's welfare rolls. [Ed. note—We're pretty sure Color Me Badd was a "man band" or "barbershop quartet."]

Early '90's Gramming [sic] winning boy band...looking to come back with new search of a booker to get them back out there.....they are comparable to a Color Me Badd, N'Sync, Backstreet Boys type of music....Must have music savvy with great contacts and ability. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!!

  • Grammy Winning '90's Boy Band Needs Booker for Venues [Craiglist LA]