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Here's yet another surefire sign that your movie is headed for the tank: Bloggers are clawing out each other's eyes to do bad review round-ups. There's just so much bad to go around as Halle Berry braces herself for a potentially historic box-office failure. Our favorite phrase comes from Variety, presented here completely out of context to spotlight its magnificience: "arcane pussy power."

Kitty Litter [NY Post]

Meow Nix [Village Voice]


"Risible yarn about a mousy underachiever rendered superhuman by arcane pussy power plays like a Lifetime movie on estrogen overdose, barely held together by a script that should have been tossed out with the kitty litter." [Variety, sub. req'd.]

Catwoman, which opens tomorrow nationwide, achieves something I would not have thought possible. It made me think back fondly on Garfield. [NYT, reg. req'd.]


Not the Cat's Meow [EW]

Catwoman A Muddled Bore [CNN]

"Bad kitty! Catwoman is a sad excuse to dress Halle Berry in leather." [NY Daily News]

"Catwoman is quite literally an episode of Melrose Place thrown onto the big screen, injected with comic-book cliches and random, choppily edited action set pieces for good measure." [AICN]

"Catwoman sometimes feels as if it's been pieced together from a dozen or so Ally McBeal parodies trying to pose as hip-hop videos." [Slant]