Gawker Intern Neel is up at the Democratic convention in Boston, doing some coverage for a real publication. I told him we didn't give a crap about the convention, but that if he had any news about the important stuff (1. what people are wearing, 2. who people are screwing) to pass it our way. But evidently, Boston isn't like one big carpet — you can't just yell out "Senator Clinton, who are you wearing?" up there. Neel's disastrous first report follows.

So there was a little soiree in honor of NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in the Imperial Ballroom of Boston s Park Plaza Hotel last night. Good food, free booze, lots of overweight balding white people. Chucky Schumer was there, making the typical Senatorial rounds. Joseph Lieberman was there, pretending like he still wasn t miffed about the outcome of the last election ("It was all good except the end," he said. No shit.) Finally, Mrs. Clinton was there, surrounded by what can only be described as a clusterfuck of cameras, security guards, and PR flaks. She looked quite ravishing in a creme blazer with a waist tie, black pants, a rope pearl necklace, and those pointy shoes that seem to be all the rage among those In The Know these days. My attempt to uncover the sartorial mastermind behind her outfit, however, was thwarted by her snippy little PR minion, Jennifer Handley.

A brief reenactment:

Me: "Senator Clinton, I must say you look splendid. Who are you wearing?"

Mrs. Clinton looks as if I have just asked her the eighth digit of Pi, but says nothing. PR minion quickly steps in.

PR minion: "What s it look like she s wearing? It s a white jacket. Just like I m
wearing a black shirt, and you re wearing a pink one." It appears PR minion is a
master of deductive reasoning. This is going to be a fierce battle of wits.

Me: "I mean, who specifically designed it?" Awkward silence ensues.

PR minion: "Who are you?" Well played, PR minion. Well played.

Me: "I m Neel. Who are you?"

PR minion: (Avoiding my question) "I suggest you leave."

Me: "Was I wrong to ask that question? I mean, it seems to me kind of a layup, no?"

PR minion: "How about you, me, and your boss have a little discussion about all of this."

Me: "Easy, easy. Sheesh."

For the record, it looked like Valentino.