Page Six: Les Moonves Ex Chides Hollywood Power-Homo

Nancy Moonves, ex-wife of Viacom co-president/octogenarian-baiting television pusher Les Moonves, is still so upset that he left her to put his penis into the younger vagina of Big Brother host Julie Chen that she can't even watch CBS anymore. And according to Page Six, she's lashing out at other Hollywood execs who've dumped their wives for the pleasures of younger orifices of any kind, calling one wife-dumping power-homo a "fruitcake" in front of his daughter. Yes, she seems a tad bitter, but don't go judging Nancy. If your ex was poised to enslave all of humanity with the power of a media conglomerate and a hypnotic, trillion-watt smile that melts the panties off second-rate reality show hosts, you'd snap once in a while too. To paraphrase philosopher-king Rick James, Les is a hell of a drug.