Back when former Playboy model and golddigger Anna Nicole Smith was really fat, we enjoyed watching her E! reality show in the same way we enjoy peeling our sunburn. Actually, what we really loved were the appearances from Los Angeles interior decorator Bobby "I have a tight face and a tight ass and I'm a rich white woman" Trendy, the world's most insane queen.Today, we hear reports from that icky other coast that Bobby just might be getting his very own show on TLC:

After seeing him yesterday unable to park his convertible Jag, I ran into Booby Trendy tonight on the streets of West Hollywood. Apparently, he has signed a deal with TLC for 25 episodes of "The Designer" to begin airing in March 2005. Booby says that all the girls are demanding "luxurious" designs, to look like Anna Nicole, with cigarettes and white bras. He also says that on Friday, the show's taping led him to sell four $10,000 gold couches, which paid for a new Cadillac Escalade, which he bought today. Do the math. As with many things Bobby Trendy, it doesn't add up.

While we do know for sure that Bobby has a pilot in development (yeah, so does my mom), we cannot verify the accuracy of the alleged 25 episodes. Or that nutbag crazy people buy $10,000 gold couches from him.
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