I'm not sure it's really a Manhattan trend, unlike the girls in cowboy boots epidemic on the Lower East Side, but, according to Sloane Crosley in today's Village Voice, the new hotness is white girl with a big ass. Hey! It goes with anything!

White girls with big asses, man. There goes another one, a J. Crew cardigan riding up atop a buttock so big, so out of place, it makes you wonder if Serena Williams woke up this morning wondering where her ass went. Temperatures are going up, taking hemlines with them, and the trendy white ass is hanging out there like a couple of upside-down Tasty-D scoops. They're taking over this city.

Hmm. I hadn't noticed. I guess ass is where you look for it. Still, this may be more of a self-help movement than a trend per se. We'll stay on top of this big ass story until we find out.

Butt Seriously [V.V.]