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Yet another lesson about the godlike power (assuming that your version of God controls a media conglomerate like ours does) yielded by editors on reality TV: They can even make it look like a bunch of bored, entertainment-starved Big Brother 5 contestants enjoyed Without a Paddle. The Fans of Reality TV website recaps a live BB5 internet feed that tells a different story about the houseguests' reactions to their "special screening" of the latest Matthew Lillard cinematic vehicle:

After the screening is over, the cameramen avoid the luxury winners like they’re carrying a visually communicable disease, but we get a clue when Cowboy comes out to tell some of the others that the movie watchers are saying the movie sucked. Slam! We’ve got a fish tank. When the feeds come back, the houseguests are chatting. Eventually, the movie is mentioned, and someone chimes in that it was pretty bad. Slam! More of the fish tank. That’s all right, I’m sure we’ll get the real story about the fabulously funny movie they watched in their diary room confessions.