Yesterday a reader suggested a petition to ensure that human Cheetos Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are cast in the next season of MTV's "Newlyweds." We concurred, and within an hour, we had several online petitions in our inbox. So excellent. From our favorite:

The MTV audience would LOVE for this show to actually come about! It seems that the public can never have enough BRITNEY and we're all interested in learning more about Mr. Federline! (For instance does he own just that one dirty t-shirt, or does his closet contain a thousand of the exact same shirt?)

The petition below appears to be gathering signatures and steam, and, as we all know that TV executives are exceedingly responsive to random online polls, we hope you'll join us in our noble crusade!
Newlyweds: Kevin And Britney Petition [Petition Online]

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