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· Samantha Morton is in negotiations to play photographer Diane Arbus in the biopic Fur. The film will be directed by Secretary's Steven Shainberg, with a screenplay by Secretary's Erin Cressida Wilson. Naturally, all the S&M and photography angles are feverishly working themselves out in our heads. [THR]
· Fossilized producer Saul Zaentz wants his "precious," a $20 million stack of LOTR royalties, and so takes New Line Cinema to court. [Variety, sub. req'd.]
· An LA judge decided not to issue an emergency order halting Fox's plans to air their reality boxing show The Next Great Champ. The judge cited the compelling justification that helping out Mark Burnett is not technically a fucking emergency. [THR]
· CBS promotes Chris Sloan to be its new head of reality programming. Qualifications: He can count on his fingers and toes and then scribble a number into the title of the latest Big Brother installment, but is expected get help with whatever goes after the colon for each subsequent Survivor. [THR]