1. What is a blog, and how is it different from a regular news site?
The short answer: the new stuff is always at the top of the page! Also, we have no pretensions to objectivity — no editorial board, no assigning editor, and no delays. We publish in real time. Weblogs are biased, personal, and funky. For a terribly serious answer, see Weblogs: A History and Perspective.

2. You've been called monotonously sadistic. Did you all just have unhappy childhoods, or is there some purpose in all that bile?
The weird thing is — we think we're really nice about things. Go read the New York Times if you want polite. Also, a lot of things suck. But we're honest, at least — when there's stuff we love, we say so.

3. I want to send you something funny/evil/wacky about my boss — but I REALLY can't afford to get fired.
No sweat. We publish all tips anonymously — unless someone says PRINT MY NAME WITH THIS! (So far, no one's said that.) Send an email from an unsupervised terminal, from a private email account (Hotmail and Yahoo are your friends). It would take a federal marshal and a really pissed-off judge to get us to name sources. We believe that the New York State Constitution and New York Civil Rights Law should shield online reporters just as well (or poorly!) as it shields print reporters.

If it's super-duper sensitive and you're really paranoid? Ask for our P.O. Box, you can mail us anonymously. But don't get all Unabomber on us. Otherwise just send it on: tips@gawker.com. Besides, our record clearly shows that we protect our sources. Ask Martha Stewart. Okay, ask her again.

4. Can we buy ads on Gawker in order to get you to say nice things about us? Can I buy an ad to get you to stop talking smack about me?
Dear God no. Once a week Gawker publishes a thank-you to advertisers, which is always clearly marked as such, and any sort of sponsored content will always be clearly labeled, as with the Nike Art of Speed campaign. We welcome and pioneer creative advertising projects, and we love working with advertisers but that doesn't mean we will ever allow any confusion between our editorial content and advertisements.

5. Why do people write about Gawker so much? Can't see what all the fuss is about.
Oh, the media loves itself. We make fun of them, so they think we're something to be taken seriously. Good scam, right?

6. What's with all the gay stuff?
Have you been to New York recently? If you're not gay or Jewish, you're basically nothing in this town. It's all about the gays and the Jews.

7. Why do you swear so much? It's getting boring.
Well, part of that is probably a reaction to the fact that newspapers still won't print the F-word. We're overcompensating! Also, we have filthy fucking mouths.

8. All these New York 'blogs' that talk about each other the whole time: what's with that? And does anyone really find that interesting?
No, of course not! It's heinous! But that's all New Yorkers do — talk about each other. So why would weblogs be any different?

9. So how come all you New York media people are so up on yourselves?
Because working 14 hour days on bad listicles (or even charticles!) for a shitty magazine is apparently the best thing in the world, according to half the people in Manhattan. We don't really get it either. But we MUST be important if someone's talking about us!

10. If you go to all the parties, you must be as compromised as the rest of them. If not, how the hell do you know what's going on?
Parties? Did someone say party? Where? Is it open bar? Can we use your name to get in? Anyway, we don't know what's going on — but you clearly do, so why don't you drop us a line at tips@gawker.com and tell us?

11. Seriously, who publishes this thing and what is it?
Gawker is published by, funnily enough, Gawker Media. Other titles published by Gawker Media include Wonkette, Fleshbot, Defamer, and Gizmodo. It's like a little internet version of those magazine publishing houses, except without the millions of dollars in overhead. And without the million dollars in income. Alex Balk and Emily Gould are the editors of Gawker, with Doree Shafrir as associate editor. Choire Sicha serves as the site's managing editor. Previous editors include founding editor Elizabeth Spiers and, later, Jessica Coen and Jesse Oxfeld. Lockhart Steele is the managing editor of all the Gawker Media sites, which means he's really just a useless middle manager. Nick Denton is the overall publisher of all the sites, which means he pays the server bill and goes out for cocktails a lot. More about Gawker Media here.