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Rooftop Report points us to a German website's pictures of Britney Spears' barefoot exit from a public bathroom in Santa Barbara. Usually, automatic translation tools are sufficient (read: completely hilarious) to get the gist of the foreign coverage of our most prized pop-star exports. This time, we thought it necessary to enlist the official Defamer German translator to truly appreciate a different perspective on Britney's latest paparazzi pictures. Has there ever been a more ruthlessly efficient assessment of Brit's antics than this German writer's turn of phrase "mercilessly unhygenic"? We're willing to bet that our little white trash princess also failed to execute a "H flichkeiterr ten."*"H flichkeitsp len"** Translation is after the jump.

Eeek! Britney leaves a public toilet barefoot.

Princess Britney Spears - We know she smokes in the pool and parties excessively. And now we know, as it looks, if Ms. Spears is to become Ms. Dixie-Toilet.

Santa Barbara (California City) Britney's appearance: The 22 year old in ultra short cut off jeans and a white cut up top - as always, generously cut as always. It also looks mercilessly unhygenic.

As the picture shows, Britney leaves straight from a public toilet - and was barefoot! Completely clearly a disgust factor 10! It remains to be hoped that she at least washed her hands...

[*Ed. note—"Courtesy flush."]
[** A helpful reader offered "H flichkeitsp len" as a more accurate translation for "courtesy flush," even though she claims the Germans don't really have a word for that term. Well, now they do!]