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Writer Kim Morgan muses on her Sunset Gun blog that Without A Paddle is really just about the average straight guy's fear of butt-rape, and so imagines a more logical and fulfilling end to the buddy comedy's trip down the river. So why not? Burt Reynolds is still looking to save his career; he'd probably be up for the edgier climax. We smell some bonus material for the DVD.

Maybe if the characters all got raped by Burt Reynolds in some horrifying/morbidly humorous American Me moment, the outcome would be interesting. Or to keep it sweeter, if the characters had all stepped out of the closet to embrace that raging queer lurking beneath the homo-panic subtext (well, it's not really subtext but...) and had furious gay sex. Can you imagine if a movie like this pulled that on its jock audience? What? They really ARE a bunch of fags?