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It's Friday, so you'll know we'll post just about anything. Today, it's a fine little 'blog we've come across belonging to some lovely girl claiming to be lead Stroke Julian Casablancas' love-receptacle. We find this website a little hard to believe (and we still haven't verified earlier rumors of a breakup between Julian and his fiance, Juliet Joslin), but true or not, it's pretty damn funny:

I stumbled to the bathroom and managed to get to the toilet and threw up until I was puking bile. Jules standing there in the shower looking down at me and looking dead said "if only I could hide it as well as you do." Then for different reasons I came close to a breakdown and suddenly hated him more than I'd ever hated anything, but he said head up, baby, this shit isn't new to you anymore, you never do anything you don't intend to. So I got over it, as one does, then a smile and a kiss and a fuck and a song and back to normal.

Ah, yes, puking and fucking. Back to normal in Strokeville!

What I Was Thinking When We Said Hello

UPDATE: Oops. We killed her. She's deleted her naughty little livejournal!


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