Every once in a while, we like to sift through the heap of press releases flooding our inbox and treat you to the diamonds in the rough. This week, alcoholic beverage and presidential candidate Captain Morgan wants to help all Manhattanites escape the island before the Republicans officially invade, and he's even giving out free rides to the Hamptons. We can't imagine anything better than being driven to Jet East with the imaginary mascot of cheap spiced rum, can you?



_*WHAT:*_** New Yorkers seeking to vacate a politically-saturated city during next week s RNC just got their free ticket to ride, courtesy of presidential candidate Captain Morgan. The Captain, and his grassroots a-political party, Americans for a Better Party, are offering* FREE* shuttles to New Yorkers 21 and older who seek refuge from the political chaos that has descended upon Manhattan, physically transporting residents of The Big Apple to the politics-free party scene in the Hamptons.

_*WHERE:*_* * New Yorkers must show up at the following location, ready to depart, with a photo i.d. proving they are age 21 or older:

*** Sixth Avenue at 42^nd Street, northwest corner of Bryant Park*
*** Look for "Captain Morgan Politics-Free Shuttle to the Hamptons" signage*
*** One-way shuttle drops off at noteworthy party spots in the Hamptons*

*_WHEN:_* The Captain Morgan Politics-Free Shuttle to the Hamptons will depart* Sunday (8/29) through Wednesday (9/1) at 5:30 p.m.*, carrying 57 lucky riders who verify they are age 21 or older with valid i.d., and have their lottery number pulled from a hat (*riders should arrive beginning at 5:00 p.m.)*.

_*WHY:*_* * Captain Morgan recognizes that many New Yorkers prefer that their parties remain 100 percent focused on fun rather than serious political talk an impossible feat next week once political mayhem envelopes Manhattan.

"I wanted to make it easier for my loyal supporters to enjoy a break from politics," says Captain Morgan. "So I m transplanting these party-minded New Yorkers 21 and older to one of my favorite spots, allowing them to focus on politics-free, responsible partying."

Offering the Captain Morgan Politics-Free Shuttle to the Hamptons is just one more way Captain Morgan is bringing his campaign platform, Party Without the Politics, to life. The platform is based on a *national survey that found 75 percent of Americans 21 and older say they would appreciate a break from the constant political talk during this presidential election time now that break is just one free ride away during the RNC, thanks to a presidential candidate who understands the people s need to party.

In addition, The Captain and Americans for a Better Party have been hosting Politics Free Zone events along the campaign trail, starting in Boston at the Democratic National Convention. The events offer Americans of all political affiliations a chance to pursue issues-absent celebration and policy-free merriment on neutral ground.

Liberal with the cola. Conservative with The Captain Drink Responsibly!


*Source: Americans for a Better Party study conducted by StrategyOne, a New York-based full-service corporate positioning, market research and strategic communications agency, from July 6 July 12, 2004. The online survey was completed nationwide among 761 American adults aged 21 to 39. Margin of error is 3.3 percent.*