· Gay NYC bloggers unite for happy hour at Therapy at 6pm. So totally niche, we love it.
· Get your world beat on with the Putamayo CD release party at Le Souk. Wear something brightly-colored, m'kay?
·Whooo! The buzz on the new Vincent Gallo flick is that it's a total doozy! Go check it out! Just kidding.
· It's not the politics that bother us; we just hate being seen with fat, ugly protesters. Get the first without the second at the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center tonight, which will feature "short films for the new democracy." Added bonuns: I bet more than a few people there will have really kickass weed.
· Check out buzz band of the week The Bravery at the Mercury Lounge. Beware the dirty converse, they'll be in abundance.
· Ugly stepsister Wonkette has a far more comprehensive RNC party list than we could ever care to assemble. Crash and tell, people! At least all three of you left in the city.
· Who are we kidding? We know you're going to the Magnum Republican Sex Party at 13 Little Devils.
· We could suggest a billion kick-off protests, but seriously, just start drinking now. New York has a long week ahead of itself.