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· Stalkers of the First Daughters will love "Twinspotting," a play-by-play of Jenna and Barbara's movements throughout the convention. []
· Indulge your sick voyeuristic fantasies with a look inside the strange world of a Republican singles party. [Travis LaFrance]
· We're hearing rumors: "The password to get past the cops at the corner of 29th and 7th on the West side (where you either have to show credentials or say something important sounding) is 'Starbucks.'" That will, shockingly enough, get you into the Starbucks located in said area.
· Senator Orrin Hatch invades the kitchen at a PAC luncheon for no apparent reason. [Alice Ayers]
· A reader report from the front lines: "The streets are filled with annoying, american-is-god, badge-laden and way too much make-up individuals and *that's* just the 10,000 cops being paid way too much overtime to justify their storm-trooper attitude at every single person who tries to walk down the fucking block. The delegates are worse."