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The post-RNC nuclear fallout continues and we just figured how TOTALLY liberal New York media is after this week. We've received reports of Fox News' mascot Bill O'Reilly discontent with New York magazine's special convention editor Maer Roshan over the images of Republicans as chosen by the magazine's art department. Apparently, some feel New York didn't use the most flattering pictures of GOPers in the magazine's special convention issue, and O'Reilly thinks it's another move on behalf of the liberal media to make Republicans look less than gorgeous. Yeah, like it's that hard to do.

After the jump, a transcript of the Roshan-bashing segment on The O'Reilly Factor. We're already having sympathy pains for Maer — why doesn't anyone realize that the Republicans are ugly no matter how you present them?

HOST Bill O Reilly: In the impact segment tonight, New York Magazine considered a liberal publication is being accused of some dirty tricks. The controversy surrounds pictures the magazine published of some republican women and men in New York City. Apparently the magazine selected the most unflattering poses. With us now is Dr. Monica Crowley a Fox News political analyst and Georgette Mosbacher a fundraiser for the GOP. All right, since you were responsible for getting these people together for New York Magazine why don t you tell us what happened.

MONICA CROWLEY FNC Political Analyst: Well I got a call late July asking me to assemble some of the top republicans and conservatives in New York City for this double-page photo spread. I was promised a very glamorous photo spread of all of these people so I put my credibility on the line and rang up and got them all together including Georgette and we all came together for this photo shoot. We had a great time during the photo shoot. We thought the pictures were going to come out great. After the pictures were, they got the proofs back we were assured that the pictures were glamorous and fabulous and then they were published and a

HOST: You all look like mug shots. You all look like you committed crimes.

CROWLEY: Unfortunately yes Bill.

HOST: But you look okay Monica and Georgette I didn t think yours was that bad but Henry Kissinger and some other people, Janine Pirro, looked pretty bad.

GEORGETTE MOSBACHER Borghese Cosmetics CEO: They re awful.

HOST: Do you think it was intentional Monica?

CROWLEY: Well look, this is a magazine that caters to a core constituency in New York City.

HOST: Yeah left wingers and elitists.

CROWLEY: Very left wing, upper west side, big time radical democrats in this town.

HOST: So why did you play into their dirty little tricks?

CROWLEY: Well they were doing a special convention week issue and they said we re going to highlight the republicans; we re going to have this glamorous photo shoot.

HOST: They fooled you Monica.

CROWLEY: Perhaps Bill.

HOST: What did you think Georgette?

MOSBACHER: I should have known better Bill. I mean here s this left wing magazine and here I m a republican in New York City; there are very few of us. It s my fault.

HOST: Did you think though it would happen?

MOSBACHER: It never occurred to me. No really, look, we took some pictures. When I heard the mayor was doing it and so forth, Monica calls me and I figured this is okay. I should have done my homework. I know better. I ve been at this long enough. I should have known there was, I was being set up.

HOST: Okay. So you both think that this magazine intentionally went out to embarrass republicans and put their. Now it s happened to me, I mean one guy put my picture on a book and I look like I had leprosy. The doctored the picture there. Why would they do that because they know you could get on programs like this and then whack them? It s already been in the papers in New York. Why would they take the chance?

CROWLEY: I think that they frankly made a mistake. I think they blew an opportunity because the certainly could have engaged Georgette and me and the rest of the group. This is a magazine that does cater to liberals in New York City and as Georgette pointed out there are very few republicans in New York City, Georgette and I are just about the only two republican women in this city. This city has a proportion of eight democrats to every one single republican, so if they would have played this straight and ran the pictures that were the most flattering, you know they would have an entr e into folks like Georgette and me.

HOST: I understand what happened. I looked at the pictures. They certainly weren t flattering. We ll show some of them. Dick Morris is in there. I don t think you can take a flattering shot of Dick Morris by the way.

CROWLEY: Oh, come on now.

HOST: I m only kidding, come on. I can jazz Morris. You got Al D Amato, you got Lucianne Goldberg, you got Steve Forbes. Kissinger looks bad and then you got the mug shot crew. The class of 2004, they re trying to make a yearbook out of it. But it is a fact that left wing press in this country will do just about anything to embarrass conservatives or people that they deem to be conservatives and it seems that conservatives never learn. They continue to play into this trap right Georgette?

MOSBACHER: Absolutely. I have no excuse. I really don t Bill. I should know better then this. I mean here I am living in New York City, I m used to being beaten up as a republican and New York Magazine, what was I thinking of?

HOST: Right. Well, you know I never give them comments. The same thing happened to me with another magazine. I m not even going to mention the name of it but recently they did a hatchet job on me. But you know what I thought, I knew the guy was a character assassin but I said I ll charm him you know and I ll bet you you did too didn t you? You thought you were going to charm them didn t you?

CROWLEY: I thought well you know if I flirt just enough they ll run a flattering picture.

MOSBACHER: She did, you had a great picture.

HOST: Yeah she had the best one.

CROWLEY: Thank you Georgette, as did Georgette but I think there are very few outlets that would be friendly to republicans, very few outlets out there right Georgette? I mean would you agree with that?

MOSBACHER: I m hard pressed to think of one.

CROWLEY: That s right, so when you re approached for a profile or a photograph you re inclined to do it and you understand you re running a risk.

HOST: We have about 45 seconds left and I d like Georgette to have the last word. I think next week the republicans are going to get a little bounce in the polls but the democrats are really going to come out with knives next week, do you agree?

MOSBACHER: Absolutely. I mean after this convention, this is going to be a very, very mean campaign.

HOST: Payback begins next week.

MOSBACHER: Make no mistake about it.

HOST: All right ladies. Well try to stay out of the line of fire.

CROWLEY: You too Mr. O Reilly.

HOST: No, that s impossible. Let them get me, let them come after me.

MOSBACHER: He s the sexiest man on television.

HOST: Sexiest man on television ladies and gentlemen.

MOSBACHER: Sexiest man on television.