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In this week's Parker Posey-free edition: Ed Norton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Lara Flynn Boyle, Joshua Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Yoko Ono, Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels, Adam Duritz, Paul Simon, Jimmy Fallon, Mandy Moore, Sandra Berhnardt, Ivanka Trump, Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg, Vincent Gallo, Graham Norton, Paul Rudd with David Wain and Sam Rockwell, Joan Jett, Ron Livingston, Howard Stern, Bono, Alec Baldwin, Donna Karan and Minnie Driver, Thora Birch, Bill Beutel and Charlie Rose.

· Saw Ed Norton sitting prominently in a window seat at The Spotted Pig in the West Village this week. When my friend and I walked by, I heard one of his buddies loudly exclaim, "see, they didn t recognize who you were." Duh, when you re a celebrity and you sit in front of an open window at a restaurant that is getting constant press as being one of the hottest new hangouts, you re going to be recognized. It s not that I didn t recognize him, it s that I didn t really care.

· Mary Kate Olsen seen leaving daily afternoon NA meetings on the NYU campus, looking like "wretched shit" and "crap". I'm not in the program. I don't have to be anonymous!

· finally, last night while leaving spice market saw lara flynn boyle. um, i'd read that she'd put on like 10 lbs, but she could stand to put on at least 10 more.

· Sitting at the "conference/lunch" table at my Chinatown studio office yesterday and who should I look up and see looking very confused but Pacey (Joshua Jackson). Seems Pacey was looking for an office that was located in another building. He wondered if the studio office was an "amalgamation" of several different companies. I guess those ridiculous Dawson's Creek scripts gave him one hell of a vocabulary.

· Spotted: Susan Sarandon, sans handlers or assistants, dragging her own luggage, to catch a flight to LA from JFK Sunday night. She was being walked by an airport someone-or-other (at least I think that s what the walkie-talkie and weird pantsuit implies) to her flight a mere 15 minutes before departure. Susan had her red hair up, glasses on, and was sporting a strange military-type jacket, covered in patches. Baggy jeans. Sneakers. She looked like a mom, but a very cool mom.

· Saw Yoko Ono walking up Central Park West about 85th St. She was wearing some black outfit and wearing her trademark black sunglasses. She was walking next to a guy who either was Lenny Kravitz or was trying very hard to look like him. The same hair, similar sunglasses. I can confirm the ex-Mrs. Lennon as she looked right at me and smiled when I recognized her but I m not positive about her companion.

· Saw Steve Martin and Lorne Michaels among the audience at Comic Strip Live on Tuesday night for a 9/11 benefit show. The club's staff happily obliged Steve's request to have his picture on the wall and quickly snapped a picture of the star. He seemed like a really nice guy, took pictures with fans and waved goodbye as his driver wisked him and his young female companion away.

· I saw Adam Duritz from Counting Crows in the audience for Caroline, or Change last Thursday night, with some actressy looking girl. I'm surprised the person sitting behind him didn't kick him in the head for having that stupid 1994 college hippie hair do.

· Paul Simon was in the VIP section (balcony above stage left) at the Polyphonic Spree Irving Plaza show Wednesday night. Although he was easy to spot, leaning on the railing in his baseball cap, I didn't notice him until the last song because my attention was generally focused on the monstrously loud hipster/hippie concert/interpretive dance love-fest taking place on the stage. Poor Paul appeared to be plugging his ears with his fingers during the last tune of the set, though this may not have been a judgment on the quality of the music, because as I mentioned, it was really fucking loud. During the encore, he put his hands down. I guess he decided that attempts at ear-preservation were futile, or maybe he started feeling the vibe of the sun and the love and the growing trees. I know I certainly did.

· I was smoking outside of the lotus club and saw soon-to-be-non-celebrity jimmy fallon walking briskly down clinton street with five gigantic shopping bags—he was walking too fast for me to rechallenge him to a dance off (he pussied out when challenged at bar 13 several months back, but promised me a "next time"). i instead pondered where he was going while i finished my cigarette.

· Saw Jimmy Fallon outside of Chango on Park Ave South talking on his cell phone and looking unwashed.

· Saw Jimmy Fallon on the corner of Prince and Lafayette carrying shopping bags and a few extra pounds.

· I saw Mandy Moore standing alone on Carmine Street in the Village on Wednesday night. She was looking casual in cargos and a tshirt, but gorgeously so. She's stunning, just standing there, texting someone on her cell phone. No one was bothering her, or really seemed to notice her at all.

· Just got back from lunch at Diner 24 on the corner of 8th and 15th. Lots of people pretending to be Somebody in there, but in the corner booth was someone actually famous - Sandra Bernhardt. She was with some non-descript guy, round faced, bald, maybe. I can't even remember and it was like an hour ago. Anyway, she looked good — slightly tan and relaxed. I went to the bathroom, and when I came out to wait for my friend, Sandra was coming towards me. She asked, in a rather surly manner, if I was waiting for the bathroom. I told her no and then luckily my friend came out right then and Sandy got to go in. I dunno. Maybe she had to go really, really bad.

· just got back to my desk after waiting nearly 2hrs on line... to NOT get in the door of the hermes warehouse sale. ivanka trump arrived a few minutes after I did, and was still there when I had to tear myself away - guess the donald really IS broke if she has to stand on line for $175 scarves like the rest of us wage slaves.

· ashlee simpson at suede last thursday...sitting in a corner alone.

· I saw Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg last night at a pub called Scratchers on E5th Street / Cooper Sq. I was there at around 11:30 to 1:30 am. They were was still there when I left.

· Saw Vincent Gallo on the corner of Prince and Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon (8/29/04), chatting with some attractive well-wishers/blow-job wannabes who appeared to be heaping on the praise. (How could I tell? He was smiling.) Yes, ladies, let's try to make that ego EVEN bigger, if that's possible. Anyhow, this was especially appropriate since Gallo was a mere block away from Houston Street, which has been liberally redecorated with now-famous Brown Bunny posters of a blurred-out Chloe Sevigny slurping his sausage.

· So, I saw Graham Norton eating lunch today at Dos Caminos in Soho from 1:30-2:30 (or at least that is when I was there). He is tan and short (as correctly identified by a previous poster). I am a huge fan of his show and saw his off-Broadway show last year and I am actually attending his show taping on next Tuesday, so it took all my energy (and a few margaritas) not to go over an accost him with the fanatic fan usual rap!

· Paul Rudd was on the LES - yes, again - serving as a judge for the Slipper Room's "Laugh-Olympics" last Thursday night. The other judges: Sam Rockwell, David Wain (directed "Wet Hot American Summer") and another guy whose name I never caught.

· Saw Joan Jett wearing a black top and loose cargos and having coffee with a very beautiful (and quite femme) blond model at caf gitane. It looked like a date.

· I spotted SATC's Ron Livingston at Cafe 28 around lunchtime. He was sitting alone at a table. Maybe he was reading a script.

· After being cooled-off by an afternoon rain at the hipster-saturated PS1, I was waiting for the 7 train to go back to Manhattan when I looked across the platform and spotted a very scruffy unshaven man standing with another guy and two girls. I said to my sister, "That looks like Ron Livingston." To which she replied, "That IS Ron Livingston." Oh. I guess he was kind of cute in that Berger, I-am-a-tortured-writer-and-I-ride-a-motorcycle-badly kind of way. Perhaps the scruff was his disguise...I mean, does he really want to be recognized from his latest project, the totally awesome movie Little Black Book?

· while waiting on the 7 train platform to return to manhattan (was at the hipster hell meatfest known as ps1) saw ron livingston on the platform waiting for a train to go in the other direction

· last thurs saw howard stern and his gf (he is as thin as she is) going to dinner on 72nd/columbus.

· I saw Bono on 8/31 around 1:30 eating outside at Isabella's (77th and Columbus). I couldn't tell what he was munching on, but he was wearing a purple shirt and his hair looked a little more grey than I thought it actually was. He was dining with two women and a man who was using a laptop. exciting stuff.

· After a media screening of that Josh Hairnet flop Witless Park on Wednesday night, I spied Alec Baldwin on E. 86th Street, dressed to the nines in a suit that might be appropriate for yachting. The great thing was, as he stood there looking ready for a high-falutin' function and gruffly grumbling into his cell phone (possibly bitching more at his born-again bro Stephen for turning Republican?)... he was totally waiting for the bus. Is Kim milking him so badly that he's reduced to riding the loser cruiser?

· 9/1 6:45 pm: I practically trip over Donna Karan as I exit yoga (She looks great I don't know the who what where when why but she looks good) and then I pass Minnie Driver moments later chatting on her cell phone. She was saying "Oh I'm alright how are you?" I could not help but think how good could you be, your ex-fiance just married Diane Lane.

· Saw Thora Birch walking with a cute boy on 5th Avenue in Brooklyn last Friday night. She looked totally cute and totally normal. Huge rack though. HUGE.

· Does this count? For some reason, whenever my mom comes to visit me in the city, we always see newscasters. Earlier this summer we saw Bill Beutel and his very plastic-surgeried face bumping by us in his news van on 81st and Amsterdam, and the other night on 79th and Amsterdam, we saw Charlie Rose and an attractive older woman getting into his car after what looked like a nice dinner. Someone pointed out that he is quite tall.