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There's nothing that gets us hotter than running a completely unconfirmed rumor. Our spy, off visiting a family member in rehab this past weekend, has a sighting of movie hunk Brad Pitt at the classic Caron Foundation in picturesque Wernersville, Pennsylvania. Of course, you junkies all know that the Caron Foundation is strictly for treating addiction, right? Ergo, BRAD PITT MAY OR MAY NOT BE ADDICTED TO SOMETHING. Ah, but for what? Copious smot-poking? Codependency? His own reflection? At any rate, he's definitely been out of the public eye for a few weeks and we're wondering if perhaps he just might be taking an Versace-style vacation. No doubt we'll end up there soon enough ourselves, at which point we'll gladly report back for accuracy.

UPDATE: We said it was a completely unverified rumor, right? Everyone stay calm. He's been doing reshoots for Mr. and Mrs. Smith and was spotted at a premiere for Criminal last week in LA. So maybe he's not in rehab, it's not like anyone ever goes to a function and flies off to a facility. Whatever. We just like doing WireImage searches for his pictures, okay? Mmm, tasty.