Our batty sister in D.C. points us to a choice bit of dialogue between CNN's Anderson Cooper and voter registration thug P. Diddy that leaves us feeling a bit, um, frustrated. Come on, it's 2004, let's stop beating around the bush:

COOPER: I know you got like clothing lines coming out, you got stars wearing "Vote or Die."

[. . . ]

COMBS: And I have this ["Vote or Die" t-shirt] for your girlfriend. You have a wife or girlfriend?

COOPER: I don't right now, so no.

COMBS: OK. Well, you could get one with this shirt. You give it out.

COOPER: I appreciate it.

Does Cooper appreciate P. Diddy's generosity with clothing or his persistence in outing the anchor? Or does a fashion designer not recognize when he's in the presence of his target audience?

Anderson Cooper, Eligible Bachelor [Wonkette]