Media Bubble: Michael Moore Gets No 'NYT' Love

· The New York Times refuses to allow Michael Moore rights to reprint an article in which the paper acknowledges its own shortcomings in reporting on the events leading to the war in Iraq. Surely now Michael Moore's book will be painfully empty. [NYT]
· The new novel Dishalicious has been distributed to 10 NYC publishers and word is that there's nothing thin about the veiled account of life in Bonnie Fuller's house. Best tidbit? In the book, American Media's David Pecker is named Harvey Dick, which totally appeals to our third-grade sense of humor. [NYP]
· Magazine group Gruner + Jahr (home of our personal favorite, Family Circle) hands out 80 pink slips to complete its $25 million cost-cutting efforts. The offices of YM will never be quite so perky again. [NYP]
· The National Enquirer, Star, and Globe settle a congressman Gary Condit's lawsuit for linking him to the murder of Chandra Levy. No one's talking dollars, but you know that these government types don't go away cheap. [Reuters]