Lindsay Lohan Gets Booze Warnings On Herbie SetJim Hill of Jim Hill Media drops a barrage of new Lindsay Lohan-related bombs on our unsuspecting heads with news from the set (and from behind the scenes) of Herbie: Fully Loaded, where's Lohan's supposed partying is spooking Disney into considering extreme measures—and not the kind where Michael Eisner buys her Irish Car Bombs just to see what happens.

[G]iven the way that the film's star, 18-year-old Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been partying after each day's shooting has wrapped — Disney may come to regret tacking the phrase "Fully Loaded" onto this particular film. [...]

Which is why studio execs supposedly read the "Freaky Friday" remake star the riot act earlier this month. Reportedly warning Lohan that if she didn't cut back on her partying Disney would be forced to recast this role and then send Lindsay packing.

So the story goes ... Lohan allegedly heeded the Disney Studio's executives' advice for just a couple of days, then reportedly reverted to her old hard partying ways. Which is why — late last week — the film's director, Angela Robinson supposedly pulled Lindsay aside for a quiet chat.

"Have you noticed that we haven't been doing a lot of close-ups lately," Robinson reportedly asked Lohan. Lindsay allegedly indicated that — yes — she noticed that "Herbie" Fully Loaded" 's director had been concentrating on long shots lately and was wondering why Angela was doing this. [...]

Then Angela allegedly dropped the real bomb shells. That — back in Burbank — Mouse Execs are reportedly already casting about for a replacement for Lohan. "And who's on that short list?," you ask. The very same tween star that Disney had hoped to snag for "The Muppets Wizard of Oz," Hilary Duff.

No, anyone but Duff! It's enough to send a starlet-under-fire straight to the limbo bar and Jello shots. Do yourself a favor and read the entire story (scroll about 3/4 of the way down).