·Go Nomar! Er, Hernandez or whatever. Yeah, we really, really don't follow sports, but apparently there's a big gametonight.
· We sure were bummed when Halcyon closed its Smith Street doors back in April. But bummed we are no longer, because the folks at Halcyon are celebrating the opening of their new DUMBO store/lounge/coffee shop/bar/"space," by throwing street fair with DJ sets, live performances, and open bar for the first 100 guests.
· Shoot the shit with democratic director (how UNUSUAL) John Sayles.

·Talent shows are not cool. But robot talent shows? Very cool.
· In the spirit of potentially mediocre performances by Dennis Publishing employees (per yesterday's urge), we suggest you check out Blender managing editor Rob Tannenbaum and his buddy Sean Altman as they host What I like About Jew, a comedy extravaganza featuring super-Jews Todd Barry, Al Goldstein and Cynthia Kaplan.
· East Village darling The Mudspot turns one tonight. In honor of its big day, there will be a big party. Go and pretend you know what's going on! [307 E. 9th Street]

· Interrupt Charlie Rose and ask Stephen King why his publicity photo is so insane.
· If there's a pulse, The New York Times has its finger on it. Heh. Hear Times reporter David Gonzalez discuss something that no one has ever, ever talked about: Improbable Gentrification: Bushwick and Williamsburg.