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We are right near the bottom of the list of people that should be giving out fashion advice, as our job requires that we're at least partially disrobed and exposing threadbare underclothes at all times. (It's contractual, don't ask.) However, it seems obvious to us that dating a (much) older woman doesn't give Ashton Kutcher license to raid her teenage daughter's closet. A spy reveals Kutcher's latest sartorial breakthrough on the set of his new MTV show, You've Got a Friend:

Last Saturday, Ashton showed up on set wearing a brown pleated skirt. It was the length of a kilt, but not plaid. He never referred to it or explained himself. He was not wearing it ironically. It was just what he decided to put on that day. I'm pretty sure the skirt is not a Kabbalah thing, so it must be a trendy metrosexual asshole thing.

Indeed, it could be that. And to think we were finally letting the Von Dutch trucker hat wounds heal.

UPDATE: Many of you have suggested that Ashton might have been wrongheadedly rocking the Utilikilt. We considered the possibility, but those still look very kilt-y, and our tipster probably would have recognized it as such. Or at least noticed all the pockets. Developing...