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The IHOP (or International House of Pancakes, for the 6 of you who aren't from some shameful suburb like the rest of us) in Harlem is hugely popular, and the New York Times is there to tell us all about it. Look beyond the anthropological study of African-American Sunday fashion ("There were pink cardigans and patent leather Mary Janes," or, "A bow-tied fellow with some diamond cuff links..."), and you'll find that the Times has quite the knowledge of soul food:

To draw the after-church customers, Harlem's IHOP has customized its menu. There is a fried-chicken-and-waffles entree, for example, and the grits are made with sausage and cheese - not served plain.

Soon, the pancake house will introduce a pork chop dish. Breakfast salmon is also in the works. "It's a Southern thing," Ms. Morgan said.

By "Southern," she means black. They copy-edited that part out.
Sunday Best, With Syrup On Top [NYT]