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Rush & Molloy report in today's NY Daily News that director David O. Russell is hacked off about Sharon Waxman's great article in the Sunday NYT, in which she related Russell's incredibly strange antics during the production of I Heart Huckabees. (Sample antic: Upon hearing that Christopher Nolan cast Jude Law away from Huckabees, Russell put Nolan in a headlock at a party and demanded his return. It's no Three Kings fistfight with Clooney, but hey.) Russell's mad because he claims Waxman said she was doing research for an upcoming book on directors, not a NYT piece; the NYT predictably backs up Waxman's version. If we were Waxman, we wouldn't want to piss off Russell—we hear that the ass-slapping paddy-wagon he inflicts on duplicitous reporters is even more brutal than his vaunted headlock-noogie combo.