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We get really cranky when we take the time to pretend we're real journalists and call important people — and we get even more cranky when people like Cynthia Nixon's publicist won't call us back. Pretty strange, considering we hear Cynthia is giving interviews to everyone and their grandmothers. Maybe the PR gang is mad at us because we won't play along with what just might be an "embargo" designed to keep Cynthia out of the press until tomorrow. Oh, silly little rules. Barf.

So, um, Cynthia may or may not enjoy the love of other women. But we're hoping tomorrow's headlines will include something like, "SAME SEX IN THE CITY," "MIRANDA'S RIGHTS: I HEART WOMEN!" or perhaps the classy yet subtle, "SEX AND THE CITY GOES PARK SLOPE."
Ruminating On Cynthia Nixon