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We were going to make a guessing game out of a blind item found on the weblog of busy gay escort Benjamin Nicholas, but we all know the answer, so let's just collectively giggle at the following tasty bit from Rio de Janeiro, where the following unnamed celeb was spotted making good use of the "saunaboys" at Pointe 202:

This celeb-designer made a name for himself in the '70s partying at 54 with Halsted and snorting lines with Liza, all-the-while working his way into designer jeans. Brandishing a 'Blue Lagoon' star in his ads made him the talk of the town, while risque (and homoerotic) billboards in Times Square keep him name on everyone's lips. Along with two bodyguards, this fella made good use of his Brazillian Visa to enjoy the 'fruits' of his labor.

Ooooh, that's a toughie! We're also going to venture that this designer has a big Hamptons mansion where he throws ostentatious, homoerotic parties. He might also have a penchant for interesting rimjob-esque billboards. We're just saying.
Benjamin Nicholas