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When Jeremy Sisto took on a role as a gay baseball player that spends a good part of the second act with his Louisville Slugger hanging out, he had to know that fans would discuss the lumber on display. A well-equipped audience member at Take Me Out doesn't know what all the fuss is about, reporting that Sisto has clearly avoided the scalpel:

With binoculars firmly planted against our faces, we felt like we were practically IN the shower with the actors. Fast forward to our ride back to the San Fernando Valley and the discussion was ALL about Jeremy Sisto's UNCUT penis. So I was amused to see that there's some discrepancy about is-he-or-isn't-he cut. From our vantage point, Jeremy's penis was certainly different than all the others on stage—-and seemed to be as hooded as a Grand Dragon. If that boy is circumcised, his momma better get a refund from the doctor!

We hope that this is the last word in the debate—and it should be, unless someone actually jumps on stage to perform a guerrilla penis check. Not that we'd ever recommend that.