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Don't you think the internet is a little, well, democratic? I mean, almost anyone can access it from nearly anywhere and connect with anybody. Quelle horreur. Finally, however, someone has decided to give this messy web what it needs: a dash of fabulous wealth and insane exclusivity. Peasants, meet aSmallWorld: a private, online networking community akin to Friendster. To maintain jet-set levels of discrimination, FIVE members must approve your existence before you're "in." It's like a giant sorority, but with locations in New York, London, Paris, Gstaad, and Monaco. Discerning, yet global. I love it!

So what's to gain from being a member of aSmallWorld? Aside from counting yourself amongst a membership that includes such luminaries as Naomi Campbell and Frederic Fekkai, you can be privy to invites such as, "How about throwing a smashing after NYE-Party on Jan 2nd in St. Moritz?" Or perhaps you can help organize a "private party in Istanbul." Count me in, darling, that sounds perfect! Let me slip on my Choos and I'll be there right after I stop in Bali to pick up some bottled water from the gilded fountain of fabulousity!

Oh, wait, I need a membership. Anyone want to help me out? There's got to be five of you out there!