Bob Iger's Master Plan: ABC Litters Beaches With Promotional Waste

ABC's strong early ratings from unconventional shows Lost and Desperate Housewives have Disney President Bob Iger helping his case to succeed embattled CEO Michael Eisner when he (eventually) retires. But it took some classic out-of-the-box thinking to start ABC's turnaround, like plugging shows by dumping promotional crap all over beaches like so many dirty syringes.

The network hired crews over the Labor Day weekend to litter beaches on the East and West coasts with plastic bottles to promote "Lost." Inside the bottle was this message: "Help, I'm Lost. You can find me on ABC on Sept. 22." (ABC also hired cleanup crews to retrieve leftover bottles.)

And if that doesn't help keep ABC in the game, Iger cleverly has set up the infrastructure to have Michael Eisner's "suicide note" wash up on every shore from Malibu to Hermosa, using his final wish to name Iger as the new Disney king.