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At our new favorite online VIP club, aSmallWorld, we've got oodles of highbrow fun: Argentinean polo horses for sale, New Delhi club recommendations, and Thanksgiving in London. You know, the usual. The highlight of today's postings helps incoming eurotrash (a man whose picture, it should be noted, features him wearing safari gear and being served by individuals who he likely refers to as "natives") with tips on how to have a classy-pants 40th birthday celebration at New York's bastions of swank. Name-dropping after the jump.

Subject: New York 14th till 18th October


I am planing to spend my 40th :-( Birthday in New York with my 2 oldest friends. Does anybody have tips were we can have a great dinner ( talking etc..) to then go on further to party ( Friday and Saturday night?). Cool places, parties etc.. please !



try kittichai (restaurant) in the 60 Thompson hotel in Soho. Ask for Paul and tell him I am sending you. For party I recommend PM (Aramis at the door), Cielo (Henry is the manager) both are in the meatpacking district and great on Fridays. Further up you will find marquee & Cain.

So if we ask for Henry, we'll actually get into Cielo? Awesome, we can't wait to be blinded by those exclusive neon lights.