aSmallWorld Gets Even Smaller

We're still totally in love with our aSmallWorld membership, even though we don't know how the fuck we slipped through the cracks. Today we trolled around the message boards, which were rife with boring debates on the merits of Finland versus Iceland, but then we realized that we weren't even looking at aSmallWorld forums—no, we'd been relegated to something called aBigWorld! What the hell? We did some research and came up with a cryptic explanation from the site's info page. Read on to see just how tangled this web of Friendsteresque aristocracy can be.

aBigWorld is a subsidary of aSmallWorld. aSmallWorld is a network for people that already have strong direct and indirect connections to one another. To make it useful, members can invite anyone they like. Everyone is then invited to aBigWorld. As a member in aBigWorld you have access to the same features as aSmallWorld. aSmallWorld does not aim to have as many members as possible, but rather to visualize existing networks that are present in the real world.

In each of the cities listed at the bottom of this page, aSmallWorld has people (connectors) that invite members to aSmallWorld. But apart from that, aBigWorld members that have 10 connections in aSmallWorld, will be transferred.

It just keeps getting more and more select. Before you know it, they're going to segregate members based on where we get our hair highlighted. God, meta-exclusivity is so hot!