We thought we'd hammered aSmallWorld, the selective online community of the rich and fabulous, into the ground and were almost ready to move on to the next VIP internet club. That is, until we found out that they don't like Gawker. Wait, why not? We fucking adore aSmallWorld and its well-heeled, eurotrashy patrons more than anything, yet our affections have been misinterpreted as something more malicious than puppy love. We're hurt, honestly—is this because we've got Jews in the company? What follows is the post in which our hearts were broken beyond repair.

Subject : Gawker - Virtual Gallows Needed: Where is Sherlock Holmes?!? ( 114 Views )

Peder - I believe we need to track down the low life who snipped a piece of one of the threads and published it... Then we can have a virtual trial ending with a virtual execution of the offender....

The sleuthing can't be that hard... The Gawker is a low-life NYC based social evesdropping rag... Since NYC is just really coming online can you:

1) Compile a list of those people from across the pond who viewed that relatively obscure thread:

2) Take a look at the vintage of their memberships and the activity of their aSW ancestors:

3) Temporarily imprison those people who don't check out to aBW:

4) Double check the ones who want back in?!?

No it might not be fair; but the world ain't fair... (Last edit: 2004-10-06 09:57:30)