And so the cruel hand of fate dishes a load of shit to Times reporter Judith Miller. Miller has now been held in contempt of court and faces up to 18 months in jail for failing to reveal her sources regarding the leaked identity of a CIA operative. We kinda saw this coming, of course, and frankly, we support anyone going to jail over the refusal to identify sources. Good journalism and whatnot. Nevertheless, now we get to make fun lists:

Top 10 Things Judith Miller Can Do In Prison
10. Record fellow inmates describing Saddam's weapons arsenal, print it in the NY Times.
9. Play Canasta with Martha Stewart.
8. Dig for biological weapons under cafeteria floor.
7. Get into the habit with Sister Peter Marie.
6. Leak identity of notorious ass-raper Warden Jones.
5. Cross-stitch pillow covers emblazoned with Bill Keller's face.
4. Find out why 6 of every 1000 people in New York are in jail.
3. Start charitable needle-exchange program while researching #4.
2. Dry urine-stained mattress with copies of the 9/11 report.
1. Learn about the vagina.

Judge Orders Judith Miller Jailed, Sulzberger Promises Fight [E&P]