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When last we heard about Elijah Wood, he was partying in Prague. Now he's apparently back in the States, where a camera-phone-enabled spy spotted Woods in Los Feliz's Purple Circle salon (please, hold your giggles about the name). The spy's report on Wood's beauty treatment is after the jump.

I'm sitting at a hair salon in Los Feliz... Purple Circle, on Vermont. And through my chunks of wet hair in my eyes... in the mirror I see Elijah Wood sitting, waiting for his hair person. He asks, "Does this place have a toilet?", goes to the bathroom, and comes back to wait more. His hair person appears, and when she asks what he wants done today, he replies, "I want it dyed dark-ass brown. I'm growing it out, so just shape it up." otherwise, he talks about his recent purchase of a house in Venice, CA... and his also recent 21st birthday bash* (which he made sure we all heard, was reminiscent of a four day bacchanalia-like affair, "like sooo much wine"). when his dye was in, he sat out front on a bench to smoke.

[*IMDb says Wood is 23, but maybe his agent told him that he "plays younger." Or our spy misheard, still giggling about Wood's "dark-ass" dye-job.]