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In this inundated edition: Mayor Bloomberg, Michael Imperioli, Natalie Portman, Daniel Day Lewis, Carol Higgins Clark, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tara Reid, David Lee Roth, Alexander McQueen, John Waters, Mena Suvari, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Parker Posey and Ryan Adams, Uma Thurman and Andre Balasz, Drew Barrymore, Isaac Mizrahi, Ethan Hawke, Howard Stern, Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen, Reverend Run, Chris Noth, Britt Daniel, Pharrell Williams, Patricia Field, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, Vincent Gallo, Joel Gray, Mike Myers, Foxy Brown, Gilbert Gottfried, Josh Groban, Adrian Grenier, Christina Ricci and Adam Goldberg, Owen Wilson, Chris Cornell, Francis Ford Coppola, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon, Chloe Sevigny, Rachel Dratch, Wally Shawn, Julie Delpy, Joshua Jackson, Mary Louise Parker, Carson Daly, and the lady who played Mrs. Garrett on The Facts of Life.

Mayor Bloomberg was at the Jet-Niners tilt Sunday in the recently-added front row seats reserved for such A-listers as Michael Imperioli. It was good to see him drinking a beer like the rest of us Johnny Sixpacks, something I've never seen a politician do at a game. But here's thing: Mike and another member of his entourage were drinking cans of Coors Light. Not only is Coors Light unavailable at the Meadowlands, but cans are forbidden. So did Bloomberg sneak in the beer? Unsurprisingly, the yellow jackets and the state troopers present turned a blind eye.


Saw Natalie Portman the other night dancing at Deep and then later at NA with a group of young hipster/preppy kids. Among them Charles Taylor, who just has been creating a stir in socialite society by pitching a new show he wrote with Jardi Libaire about Boarding School, and the elite degenerates who attend.

Ever-brooding, ever-seething, ever-pouncable Daniel Day Lewis, twice in one day (10-18): Fifth Ave and 11th St in the a.m.(alone), 10th St between Fifth and University, p.m. (with female companion). I'll take even one sighting of him over a thousand of, say, Law—it's Lewis who's got the Alfie pheromones blasting, not legend-in-his-own-mind Jude.


Double celeb sighting at the World's Largest Tag sale in Central Park Saturday. First, Carol Higgins Clark — She was signing her book (OK, so it is not really a celeb sighting then, because a) it was an event, and b) she is hardly a celeb) for the few who would walk buy. But everyone was so focused on second-hand dresses for 10 bucks that barely anyone paid her any attention. A poor volunteer was relaying a message to the PA announcer that the PR folks wanted more announcements of the signing to make it look like someone read one of her books. Second, Sarah Jessica Parker, wearing "i'm so famous I need to hide behind huge eyewear" sunglasses. She was with her kid (like a little blonde Ferris) and nanny. Everyone around her did the i'm-too-cool-to-notice-but-am-looking-over-my-shoulder-anyway glance until the kid started crying and she went to hush him up. Apparently, junior was bored while mom shopped for discount kiddie books...

Saturday (10/16) was a virtual Gawker-Stalker xxx-plosion for me, all starting in the middle of the day with Tara Reid eating at an outside table at Downtown Cipriani with some unidentified friends. She was wearing a pink beenie cap and the bags under her eyes were about to explode. Then later that evening in the Lower East Side I saw a baseball-capped David Lee Roth outside some club on Ludlow, looking drunk off Cabo Wabo or some shit. Then later that night it was all about Boysroom in the East Village, with a toned-down, plaid-shirt-wearing Alexander McQueen dancing his life away downstairs; the one-and-only John Waters ogling the go-go boys and never-ending gay porn screenings upstairs; and a slightly slimmed down Boy George yapping it up outside with all the smokers. 5 in a day, yo. That shit's gotta be some kind of record!

saw mena suvari on sunday afternoon, just before closing, at the theory store on the UWS. trying on a cute little white coat - wanted to know whether it would get "pilly". she looked just as you expect, although she clearly wasn't done up or anything. very little. seemed to be alone. no sign of her older and kinda of scary husband.

Not sure if this even warrants a posting, but shockingly, I saw little, itty-bitty Ashley Olsen at Butter on Thursday night. She looked great. Not her usual I-forgot-that-rule that-everyone-else's-Grandmother-taught-them-to-look-in-the-mirror-before-walking-out the-door-and-take-one-accessory-off-or-in-this-case-usually-twelve self. She was very simply put together and looked lovely, sipping her Red Bull and giving her Butter owner beau a kiss hello with a bodyguard in tow. The Cat Woman — not Halle Berry (unfortunately) — but the plastic surgery freak, Jocelyn Wildenstein, was also there with a boy toy. They departed by chauffeured Rolls and we hope that they made it home, because the car spent some time with its hood up before they finally departed.

Last Thursday night was sitting in the Mercer lobby. Ashley Olsen with ratty blonde hair and dark, dark roots came running (yes running!) into the lobby and down the stairs to the bathrooms I assume (it was midnight and the restaurant was closed) with a girlfriend and bodyguard trailing after her. Owen Wilson, John Taylor from Duran Duran (not together, but both in the lobby) and lots of models were hanging out drinking until late, late. (I left at 2am and they were still there)

Was lunching at Pastis today (Friday, one-ish) when Ashley Olsen exited with her non-celebrity dining partner. She was rocking the trademark messy blond pompadour-type thing, aviator sunglasses, a grey top and slouchy jeans. Am pleased to report that she DOES have a delicious, round rump.

ashley olsen waiting for a table at cafe habana night of thursday, oct 14. came in alone to put her name down, bounced back in her black suv, came back out to wait with female friend. looks exactly like she does in magazines, namely big, blonde hair, petite, ginormo eyes. Had to wait like everyone else.

Saw Mary-Kate Olsen (she's the 'brunette,' no? ) and a posse of underweight 18-year-olds striding into Spring Street Natural in SoHo around 9:30. They sat at a table smack in the middle of the room and drew lots of attention to themselves while the rest of us were trying to eat our meals in peace. M-K, who's ridiculously tiny, wore a tweed fedora-like hat pulled low on her face but soon took it off to expose messy hair and a makeup-less face. Her friends, on the other hand, were done up like tarts. M-K's two huge bodyguards stood outside the restaurant in front of an equally huge black SUV.

I saw Mary Kate Olsen for the first time, walking into the Spring Street Tasti-D-Lite store. I assume it was her because she had dark hair.Had it not been for the hair I might have thought she was Ashley. She didn't seem as scrawny as she's been described to be. Unless of course that it was Ashley. She was dressed in stylish boho garb, but overall looked pretty normal for a teen of her size. Her escalade and bodyguard were waiting immediately outside and had it not been for the car, I don't think anyone would have noticed her.

Saturday night (around 7pm), while on my way to the TV on the Radio/Faint show at Webster Hall, I stopped for a bite to eat at Veselka. While waiting for my terminally late friend outside, I heard a woman on her cell phone behind me ("I had a late lunch....We'll save you a seat.") who had a nasal voice that I totally recognized. I spun around to see the ubiquitious Parker Posey, looking very skinny in a little, tweedy jacket with really long, layered hair (that looked like extensions). Of course, when my friend finally arrived and we made our way inside who was she sitting at the bar with but Ryan Adams (duh!). He looked less f'ed up than usual but was wearing the requisite, plaid western shirt. Then when we got to the concert, who was in the balcony VIP section but the sexiest little Nick Cave-impersonator— Nick Zinner. My friend swore that the blonde next to him was Karen O., but I can't vouch for that siting. But she does live in LA now so the blondeness would make sense. (The bespecled dude seated next to them was totally bandmate Brian Chase, though!) Zinner danced and sang along during the Faint's set and appeared to be quite the fan.

Saturday night saw Uma Thurman at Le Jardin Bistro on Lafayette Street straddling some dark haired guy and making out with him several times throughout her dinner. The guy seemed to be very happy with himself, but then again, who wouldn't be! He held her up as they were leaving, didn't seem like she could stand on her own. Oh Uma!!

At Balthazar Friday night (10/15), saw Uma Thurman looking very tall and very beautiful, eating a late dinner with her pint sized boyfriend Andre Balasz. They seemed to be enjoying their french fries and sat very close together the whole time. My attempts to catch her eye didn't work out too well.

Last night (October 14) I saw Uma Thurman in Pedro's in Dumbo eating Mexican food. She got up to ask for more hot sauce and cheese. Trying to be helpful, she told the mexican guy behind the counter, "Formaggio!"

Drew Barrymore in Urban Outfitters on 6th & Waverly - tiny as hell and everyone was staring at her until she abruptly left without buying anything.

Isaac Mizrahi on 6th Ave. walking his dog with some fugly guy - he was taller than I thought and very happy.

Spotted Ethan Hawke at the Knicks game on Saturday afternoon, chasing after another man and yelling "Frank, you can't run away with our cotton candy," presumably on behalf of the two small children he had in tow. They looked like they were having a great time, sitting in the front row and taking pictures of the kids throughout the second half. Hawke didn't look that skinny or haggard to me; perhaps hanging out with his kids agrees with him.

Saw Howard Stern and his girlfriend Beth Ostrofsky in Central Park (near the softball fields, just south of Tavern on the Green) on Saturday morning walking their very cute bulldog. My dog and their dog exchanged sniffs. They are both very tall and were dressed in the requisite- trying to be inconscipicuous celebrity quasi-grunge.

Yo yo yo, I spotted Flava Flav and Brigitte Nielsen at Maison on 53rd and 7th last night. Flava was hamming it up as usual walking out with a pink bob wig (tag still attached) talking about how "I'm the only black man in this world that can walk around in a wig like this and not be condemned!" with Brigitte in tow singing away "Flava, Flava, Flava, Flava, Flava......" The whole thing was being filmed by VH1. That's some surreal shit.

total 90's-rap flashback: saturday night 10/16, after watching the Hip Hop Honors on VH1, spotted the Reverend Run himself of Run-DMC at the 40/40 club. couldn't miss the trademark fedora.

I saw Chris Noth eating at The Knickerbocker on 9th and University on Tuesday night.

Saw Chris Noth flirting with a girl behind the will call ticket table at the Alfie Premiere. His date was watching too.

while waiting in that unconscionable line outside merc saturday night, i saw giant beanstalk britt daniel (of spoon, duh) walk by with a tiny asian girl. whatever though: he's pretty ugly.

saw Pharrell Williams tonight (Fri) in front of the Cort Theatre on 48th street while waiting for Mario Cantone's show. He was passing by with some ghetto girl followed by a huge odyguard. He had some crazy rain jacket on with fluorescent polka dots. You could see it a mile away so I don't know why he had the hood on. Defeats the purpose of staying anonymous and it wasn't raining. As he was seriously explaining something political to the girl who pretended to be interested I turned to my friend and said: look it's Pharrell and as I was saying it his bodyguard was passing me and gave me the dirtiest look as if there was a mob of fans going after them. None of the other theatre goers seem to notice him or care.

Patricia Field at the Usher concert, in camo colored one piece jumper, very noticeable orange bra, and her trademark magenta hair. She was accompanied by a gagle of beauties who decided to leave prior to the finale of Yeah!

on tuesday (10/12/2004), i saw caroline kennedy schlossberg walking on chambers street across from the surrogate's court building. she was wearing a red heather wool coat and charcoal heather pants. when i spotted her, she was applying lipstick AND walking at a fast pace (how multi-tasking). she looks the same as she does in photos and she was slightly shorter than me even in her standard issue black heels (i'm 5' 7"). she is not fat at all; shame on jackie for getting her diet pills. i guess she was in the area because of her involvement with the city school system (i stood in line behind joel klein at the duane reade in the city hall area a couple of weeks ago). she seemed to be heading towards the entrance to the brooklyn bridge-city hall subway stop, but i doubt she would mingle with the masses.

My agorophobia's gotten to where I only leave my apartment to get coffee, toilet paper, and library books; so the one time I go out to dinner, who do I see? Vincent Gallo. I can't remember the name of the place — it was sushi somewhere just below Houston. He was with a couple of scruffy kids who he'd apparently had shipped in from Williamsburg — a good choice on his part, because they made him look relatively well-groomed. Even so, it confirmed all my fears about leaving the house. Never again.

O.K., didn't know that Joel Gray was gay—did everyone know but me? Saw him tonight at a charity auction for the Humane Society at the Robert Miller Gallery in WeChe. Walking around with a total hottie. Assistant? Art consultant? I don't think so....

i ran into mike myers at upright citizens brigade on friday night (oct. 15th). i even had my photo taken with him!! we were both viewing the second to last performance of neo tokyo girl crush 2040. was very amusing!! he was by himself and quieter and shorter than i thought he'd be.

I saw Mike Myers on Friday night at Deborah on Carmine St. Came in alone, head down, wearing jeans and a leather jacket. Sat in the back with 3 other male friends.

10/14- I saw either Foxy Brown ( or a wealthy trannie) getting into this silver-rocket-bentley on Prince St, in front of that Olive oil store. Some guy in a black velour track suit yelled out 'Foxy Brown—aww shiiit!!'

Saw Gilbert Gottfried on the corner of 36th and 7th. Obviously, he's much shorter in person. A wee man. Some lady was yapping her head off at him, "I see you on Howard Stern! and Hollywood Squares! You're just great." He was being very nice to her and he seems quite normal in person. Also, ten minutes later, saw Michael Imperioli in the ticket window at Studio Dante. He has a great smile—and although you can't tell on the Sopranos, he does have a chin!

last night, 7:15 pm - dough-faced josh groban strolling down 6th avenue, between 55th and 54th street, apparently unattended and without an entourage. looked like he was in a rush.

After spending the past several months drooling over him while watching "Entourage," I encountered Adrian Grenier the other day outside of the Film Forum on W. Houston (was he there to see "Tarnation"?), talking to someone on his cell. He was solo and dressed for a night out on Avenue B, i.e. expensive hipster gear, even though it was SoHo and mid-afternoon. He looked markedly scruffier in person than on the show (longer hair and bearded), but no amount of facial scruff can mask his innate hotness.

My boyfriend and I dined across from a very thin Christina Ricci last night at Lucky Strike I think she was being interviewed, cauz it sounded like she was talking about herself a lot...but that could just her doing the "famous people only talk about themselves thing"

Didn't realize Parker Posey was missing or I would have sent this in earlier. Saw her last weekend, Saturday 10/9, with a male companion I didn't recognize, walking an adorable little fluffy dog on E. 10th St. Actually didn't notice her except that the dog came sniffing over to me and my boyfriend — when I bent down to pet her, Parker said, "Oh, she does that all the time," and I recognized the voice and looked up. She was very nice, did a moment or so of puppy chat, looked great and VERY thin.

Saw Owen Wilson getting on the R train at Prince Street looking slightly uncomfortable with the subway crowds. Nothing too exciting, but walked right past him.

Saw Owen Wilson eating at Bar Piti yesterday. He looked good except for the fact that he was wearing, of all things, a trucker hat. blech.

Yesterday I saw Owen Wilson walking down the Broadway right below Houston wearing a ball cap (was it the SF Giants?). I was rooting through my bag trying to find something so I didn't notice him until he was right by me. He looked like a homely angel. The day before that my friend saw him jogging in Tribeca at about 5 pm.

Saw Soundgarden/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell at Schiller's on the LES on Tues. night...he had a faux hawk and looked to be in good spirits, laughing and casually eating his steak and fries with what seemed to be his wife Susan Silver and a couple of unrecognizable friends. Thought about telling him that Soundgarden inspired me to grow a goatee, and Audioslave confirmed that I was right to shave it off. Decided to pass
on it, though.

My head almost exploded last night (10/13): Francis Ford Coppola was eating dinner at Mottsu, Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon were sitting across the restaurant and a few minutes later, Vincent Gallo walked in and joined them (Thurston and Kim, not Coppola and friend).

Saw Chloe Sevigny yesterday around 5:15 on the East-Bound M23 bus. She got on at Lexington Avenue and talked on her cell phone the whole time. She mentioned not having any plans the followin afternoon and was trying to figure out what she was going to do. Wore black tights and ankle boots with a long, black, belted sweater. Much shorter than I expected (5'4 maybe) and very thin.

Saw SNL's funny girl, Rachel Dratch walking along Third Ave in the East Village. Wearing what a woman can only presume are "gym clothes" stretch pants, an oversized tee and sneakers. Talking on her cell phone, "Did you see me in that?" Followed her for about a block, trying not to be obvious.

Parker Posey—in Chelsea, jumping out of a nondescript car with friend; she was skinny but not scary, dark jeans, slightly schlumpy black-and-orange-Mexican shawl thing, healthy hair in a high ponytail. Looked happy, alive. Damn these

Wally Shawn having lunch alone at the Doma.

Saw Julie Delpy of Before Sunrise fame on the LES this past Sunday. My friend and I were walking her sister's dog, and Julie could not get enough of the fluffball. The dog licked Julie's lips and I made a French kiss comment... then felt dumb because she's French. We ran into her in a few stores and she played with the dog every time. She was wrapped up in a coat, her hair messily pulled back and had on jeans and converse, red I think.

On the walk back to Soho area ran into Pacey [Joshua Jackson] from Dawson's Creek. He looked exactly the same, but was wearing jeans ripped to oblivion in the ass area, with his boxers hanging out. Bad sneakers, and a baggy cheap looking sweater. Looked like he was coming off of a rough night.

My friend and I were searching for a place to sit in Whole Foods on Monday when we spotted a very pale Mary Louise Parker sitting and chatting to an older looking woman. We finally found seats next to a man and woman who were talking. The guy was amazingly good looking and I knew that I knew him from somewhere (but not in my personal life since I would remember if I had ever met someone that hot). I could not place him until I overheard he and the woman talking about going to a QVC party (the highlight of this week's social calendar no doubt) and then it clicked that he is the hot one from The Apprentice. I think his name is John. Seriously, seriously hot.

in my frantic rush to get to the brian wilson show last night (10/13) i apparently flew right past christina ricci waiting right outside carnegie hall's entrance. when we got inside my boyfriend said "isn't that that girl, that actress...." he couldn't think of her name, but when i craned my head to see out the obstructed door i glimpsed a big white forehead standing next to adam goldberg. i assume this was christina ricci. they appeared to be waiting for somebody, and not at all happy about it. (i wouldn't be happy about the prospect of missing the beginning of the show either, it was awesome.)

i saw carson daly last sat night at le zinc restaurant in tribeca. he was wearing one of those conspicuously inconspicuous outsfit - low baseball cap, jeans, leather jacket and was with a thin brunette - kinda pj harvey type of gal. he looked a little full of himself - both literally and figuratively - gotta little more meat on the bones that i would have imagined.

I saw Mrs. Garrett of "The Facts of Life" fame on Sunday 10/17 at Downtown for Democracy's benefit reading of Tony Kushner's new play (which featured John Cameron Mitchell as Laura Bush).