· What the hell is a Pulitzer? Can you snort it? If so, we might go to the Kimmel Center at NYU tonight and steal David Halberstam's. He speaks on the subject of "Politics and Patriotism" at 6:00pm.
· Everyone loves melancholy on a Wednesday night; join the hipsters as they cry to the music of Blonde Redhead tonight at Irving Plaza.
· Who says nothing good ever comes out of Long Island? Well, we do, but De La Soul's exempt. They perform with Pete Rock at BB King at 8:00pm tonight.
· A.J. Jacobs read all 44 million words in the Encyclopedia Britannica in one year, and then wrote about it. Go ask him how anyone so puportedly smart could do something that fucking stupid at Barnes and Noble tonight. 1972 Broadway, 7:00pm.