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· Nick Lachey may have cheated on his captivatingly stupid wife, Jessica Simpson, with a porn star at a bachelor party in Los Angeles. Finally, the man makes a wise decision. [Page Six]
· Celebrity designer Andre Van Pier wants Laura Bush to wear his $295,000 ensemble if she and hubby get to attend January's inaugural ball. It could be a frightening break from Laura's J. Jill look. [Lowdown]
· Fairchild publications' fashion editors have been forbidden to accept any holiday SWAG—Conde Nasties, however, can take the freebies all they want. Keep that in mind when you read the Vogue December shopping guides. [R&M]
· Tom Cruise is slated to cohost the Nobel Peace Prize concert with Oprah Winfrey. Is no venue safe from the claws of Scientology? [Scoop]