· Devendra Banhart may be a creepily brilliant folk singer, but can he draw? Decide for yourself whether Banhart should stick to the music as he and other indie rockers display their artwork at the Naked Duck Gallery and Brooklyn Fire Proof, Inc.
· Along the same lines, Isaac Mizrahi may be gay, but can he sing? Decide for yourself whether Mizrahi should stick to designing shoddily-made pencil skirts for Target as he takes to the stage at Joe's Pub.
·"Not recommended" for those under 17, the Halloween Adventure Haunted House ain't your neighborhood "grapes and spaghetti in a bowl" haunted house. Almost 100 artists submitted room plans and the ten designs deemed most horrifying were selected.
·Remember that classic 1979 flick, The Warriors? Neither do we. Well, IMDB it, grab your buddies, dress up like a "gang" and head to Supreme Trading for The Warriors Halloween Party. The DJ lineup is top of the line, featuring Afrika Bambaatas, Tim Sweeney, Matt Safer, man about town Dan Selzer, and others.
·Get wasted, dress up as Paris Hilton's Chihuahua Tinkerbell, and gay out at the annual Village Halloween Parade.
·Take your shirt off - but keep the dog collar on - and head to the surely raucous Motherfucker Halloween Creepshow at Spirit.